Who Am I?

Betti Gonzalez - Commercial Lending SpecialistMy name is Betti Gonzalez and I have been involved in the Commercial Lending area since I graduated from the Universidad De Mexico in 1990. Over the years I have worked at different Financial Institutions ranging from Microcredit Lenders to a large International Bank in the Commercial Department so I have seen many different situations where businesses need help to grow and to keep their business under control. Many business owners will have grand aspirations to grow their company but end up going in circles looking for the best lenders to assist them in building their business only to find that the choices they have made actually led to the failure of their business as they were not aware of the options available to them.

I have put together some articles from different people in this website with the goal in mind of being able to assist people in their finance requirements. Business owners need to make the best choices for their business as the business does affect everyone around them – starting with the business owners and their families to the employees and their families to the customers and their families. Wise decisions must be made and having the best information available is where the wise decisions are spawned from.

In this website you will find articles about Commercial Lending. These articles may be about specific topics such as Small Business Lending products like Accounts Receivable Financing, Merchant Cash Advances, Commercial Credit Lines, Equipment Leasing and Commercial Mortgages. This list may grow over time as new contributions are made.

I do need to put the disclaimer here that these Commercial Lending articles are purely for informational purposes and those readers who use the information do so at their own risk and should independently verify all information and parties they are considering doing business with.

I take no responsibility, neither positive nor negative for any outcome which is derived from using the information contained in this website. For more information please see the Terms of Use page.

That being said, all the views of the persons contributing to this Commercial Lending web site are INDependent & EXperienced (INDEX) and as such, it is not the intention for entities which are referenced in the articles to be endorsed by the authors or myself.  That is to say that non of the contributors to this website formally endorse any of the companies mentioned in any way.

We do hope that you find the Commercial Lending information informative and useful. Should you wish to contribute to this website, we do welcome contributors and ask that you contact us through the Contact Us link in the menu. Constructive criticism is also welcome and do not worry, you will not hurt our feeling if you tell us you do not like something about the site as that is how we learn.